Relais #2

FRANCE, 1930

16 x 19 in (41 x 48 cm)

ID #FF31B-EB-R-5

Strikingly geometric, this pochoir plate captures the stylist design of the Art Deco period.

Starting his career in the Art Nouveau period, Edouard Benedictus was a painter, composer, and chemist. Over time, he found himself highly receptive to the Art Deco movement and was able to establish a niche in floral Art Deco works due to his incorporation of striking geometric elements. He is perhaps best recognized for his 1924 and 1928 portfolios, "Variations" and "Nouvelles Variations", however he also worked frequently with textiles and created many designs meant to inspire fabric designs for rugs and tapestries, rather than being stand alone works of art. Benedictus's pochoir colored portfolio reflects the Art Deco standard at it's best, and he seamlessly incorporates Cubist motifs into his Art Deco works, creating a aesthetic unique to himself. <> Artist: Edouard Benedictus

Material: Pochoir


250-500 art art deco cubist floral france french original paintings pink pochoir size-16x19

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