Retina Diagram Poster

Germany, c. 1928
52 x 42 in (132 x 107 cm)
ID #FF25CPK8-L-09

This wall chart details a diagram of the course of visual pathways and projection of the visual field onto the retina, according to the description plate, translated from German. Considering this print was made in 1928, it's an impressive understanding of the workings of the human eye. It also represents what was known about the human body in the early 20th century.

This print comes from a collection of Neurological Wall Charts published by J.F. Lehmann, in Munich. Lehmann was a well-known publisher of medical literature. Large-scale and highly detailed works like this print were widely distributed throughout Germany for use in medical schools, doctors' offices, and other institutions.

Publisher: Julius Friedrich Lehmann 

Year: 1928

Condition: Good, some wear and yellowing along the folds.

1920s 500-1000 anatomy diagram doctor german medical medicine nurse science scientific art size-52x42