Retreat of the Confederate Garrison Poster

United States, c. 1875

17 x 23 in (43 x 58 cm)

ID #LBxsLongerHorizonalBlack&White#1

"Retreat of the Confederate Garrison, commanded by General Drayton, From Fort Walker to Bluffton, During the Bombardment by the Federal Fleet, on the afternoon of November 7th, 1861. After gallantly enduring the fire of our invincible navy, under Commander Dupont, for about four hours, in the course of which the destroying circle of our ships was getting nearer and nearer to the devoted forts, General Drayton gave orders for the retirement of his men. The retreat soon ripened into a fight and a flight which eclipsed even that of Bull Run. The chivalry of South Carolina, which, according to Governor Picken's account, is born insensible to fear, in flying from Fort Walker to Scull Creek -- which separates Hilton Head from the mainland, on which Bluffton stands -- threw everything away. The exact path of their flight was encumbered with accoutrements, arms of every description, knapsacks -- in a word, everything that could facilitate a flying soldier's speed had been thrown away as worthless."

This dramatic scene from the Civil War is incredibly detailed and intricate.

Year: c. 1875

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 

Condition: Excellent, crease down the middle

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