Ripolin Peinture Laquée Poster

France, c. 1910
50 x 72 in (127 x 183 cm)
"Ripolin Peinture Laquée, S'Emploie sur le Metaux, sur Platre, Bois, et Ciment"

Ripolin Lacquered Paint, Can be used on Metals, Plaster, Wood, and Cement

This classic poster shows a line of painters all using Ripolin paint brand, but each showing its use on different surfaces.

Artist: Eugene Vavasseur

Condition: Good, is yellowed and has light staining

Please note this is linen backed on canvas.


(Side A) there is another image printed on the other side of this poster- the title is SPLINTERS also by Pat Keely 1000-2500 advertisement france french horizontal hosuehold original paint paper posters retro size-50x72 vintage XL