Simon Frévalles Poster #1

France, 1923

45 x 33 in (114 x 84 cm)

ID #TUBE1B-Z-11-22

Vintage French poster of Simone Frevalles, a famous French singer and actress known for her diva personality, dressed here in a flapper girl getup. Against the black backdrop the vivid orange of her dress and luxe gleam of her pearls really pop.

Artist: Vertes

Year: 1923

Condition: Good, please note some small tears along the border and waves on the poster. The appearance of waves and tears can be diminished by linen-backing the poster.

This poster is on paper, but please note that we offer linen-backing for an additional cost. Email us at to inquire more.

500-1000 actress art celebrity diva flapper girl france french original portrait roaring twenties size-45x33 star vintage woman

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