Sous Vetements Du Docteur Rasurel

39 x 54 in (98 x 136 cm)
ID #LB39x55-Z-05

Sous Vetements du Docteur Rasurel. Exiger Ma Signature. 

Translation: Under-garments by Doctor Rasurel. Require My Signature. 

Printer: Arts Industriels 

Year: c. 1885

Condition: Good, please note discoloration dots on the bottom and top of the poster


Linen-backed poster

1000-2500 38.75 x 53.5 in / cm advertisement carpet children clothing condition- very good Docteur Rasurel doctor exercise family fashion fashion medical children sports FR France france french hygeine linen backed medical medium Original paris red interior sink size-38-75x53-5 Sous Vetements du Docteur Rasurel sports toc turn of the century under garments vintage poster