Stratford On Avon Heart Of Shakespear's England


40 x 50 in (102 x 127 cm)

ID #100350

British Rail travel poster 


The Heart of Shakespeare's England

Please note this poster is framed. Local pick-up ONLY. 

500-1000 Author: Frank Newbould Bibliography: Cast: Categories: horizontal travel train Country: UK United Kingdom England Countrysubject: UK United Kingdom England Decade: 1940 Description: oange cream tan beige large male figure overlooking town Shakespeare travel vintage poster horizontal train british railways Descriptionbkg: oange cream tan beige DescriptionColor: oange cream tan beige DescriptionGenre: horizontal travel train DescriptionTheme: Director: Genre: horizontal travel train horizontal Horizontal: yes OriginalTitle: Originalyear: Printer: Producer: Production: Remarks: heart of Shakespear€°ۡ³?ˆs England size-40x50 Size: 55 x 40 in / 139.7 x 101.6 cm Year: c. 1945