The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel

U.S.A, c. 1971
38 x 25 in (97 x 64 cm)
ID #TUBE1B-Z-35-37

Vintage poster from the original off-Broadway, Public Theater opening of the play The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel. This play was the first of David Rabe's Vietnam War trilogy, a series of plays that explored the twisted horrors of this tragic American war.

"A new play by David Rabe. Directed by Jeff Bleckner. New York Shakespeare Festival."

Year: c. 1971

Condition: Very good, please note waves. The appearance of waves can be minimized by having the poster linen-backed.

This poster is on paper, but please note that we offer linen-backing for an additional cost. Email us at to inquire more.




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