The Devil's Hairpin Film Poster

27 x 41 in (69 x 104 cm)


 The Devil's Hairpin vintage film poster, a movie about the dark secrets of the race car driving world.

Director: Cornel Wilde

Stars: Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace

Condition: Excellent

Please note this poster is linen backed

Please note this poster has been folded

500-1000 Arthur Franz Author: auto Bibliography: Cast: Cornel Wilde Categories: autocycles film film US sports Country: US United States Countrysubject: US United States Decade: Description: Descriptionbkg: DescriptionColor: DescriptionGenre: DescriptionTheme: Director: Cornel Wilde film Genre: vintage posters Jean Wallace Mary Astor minor touch up to color loss in fold lines OriginalTitle: The Devil€°ۡ³?ˆs Hairpin Originalyear: Printer: Producer: Cornel Wilde Production: race car Remarks: linen backed size-27x41 Size: 27 x 41 in. / x cm US Year: