There It Goes Mather Poster ✓

Mather Poster, 1929
43 x 36 in (109 x 91 cm)
ID #LBT-L-16

"A single fire can postpone your next pay day for months. Let's take no chances." 

This stunning poster uses few colors but manages to make a vibrant and eye-catching scene -- definitely enough to motivate workers to keep a close eye on possible "fires." 

The 1920’s brought in great wealth for America, propaganda posters from World War I and the start of “welfare capitalism.” It was the perfect environment for Mather and Company work ethic posters to gain popularity. Employers who wished to improve the efficiency of their office, and divert worker attention away from unions, could purchase a subscription of these posters. They made use of catchy slogans, puns, and metaphors, as well as the Art Deco-style designs of well-known American artists. Though the Mather campaigns ended in 1930 due to the 1929 stock market crash, a truly American ideal had been preserved in nearly 350 different posters -- that of the importance of capitalism, individualism, and efficacy.

Condition: Excellent



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