Tooneel & Muziekaal Feest Poster

Belgium, 1901
33 x 24 in (84 x 61 cm)

Title: Theater & Musical Party

Vintage Belgian poster advertising a turn of the century theater and musical celebration. Illustrated on the poster is a blonde woman holding a lyre, perhaps one of the Nine Muses. Her poise adds an element of classical elegance to this historic poster.

"Gemeente Herenthout. Te geven door de Koninklijke Fanfaren Sint Pieter, op Zondagen 14 en 21 April." (Municipality of Herenthout. To be given by the Royal Brass Bands Saint Pieter, on Sundays 14 to 21 of April.)

Printer: Boekdrukkerij van G.E. Broux-Heylen

Year: 1901

Condition: Fair, please note creases from the poster having been folder

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

250-500 antwerp celebration fair festival herenthout music musical original poster size-33x24 theater toc turn of the century vintage poster