Lucky Hit Poster

U.S.A., Late 1800's
14 x 7 in (36 x 18 cm)
"Lucky Hit "

A beautiful young woman with rosy-cheeks and curled brunette hair gazes softly into the distance as the rests her head on her hand. Her other hand rests on an ornate bow, whose accompanying arrows can be seen peaking out of a sheath on her girl's back and puncturing a small back bird in the foreground of the image. The girl rests her bow and arms on a slab hosting a bundle of yellow, purple, blue, and green vegetation, flowers, and vines.

Year: Late 1800's

Condition: Very good.

This poster is linen-backed. Email us at for more details 07/05/2022

100-250 arrow birds black bird bow and arrow cigar label flowers hunting lucky hit size-14-x-7 vegetation woman young woman