Lido Misprint Poster ✓

France, c.1960
23 x 15 in (58 x 38 cm)

Other prints of this poster include text that reads "Allez Lido!" or "Let's Go Lido!", accompanied by additional text regarding the world-famous Parisian club. However, this striking poster - absent of text - features a Lido performer in a burst of movement alone in a wash of blank canvas, leaving the viewer to admire her colorful beauty without distraction. The showgirl lifts one leg in a high kick as vibrant brushstrokes illustrate her dynamic costume composed of feathers and glitter. A male patron raises his top hat with a gloved hand in appreciation of the performance.

Year: c.1960

Artist: Brenot

Condition: Excellent

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas therefore does not have the creases pictured.

250-500 burlesque cabaret cabarets chorus feathers LIDO paris showgirl size-23-x-15