Nous Voulons Vivre Et Travailler A Montreuil Poster

France, 1974

17 x 23 in (43 x 58 cm)


"Nous Voulons / Vivre et Travailler A Montreuil / Poster de Solidarite Imprime par les Travailleurs de Darboy en Lutte"

This horizontal poster features a photograph of a street in Montreuil, a commune in the suburbs of Paris. It was created when the Darboy Printing Shop workers--recently laid off without severance--decided to continue working, living, and struggling in Montreuil.

English translation: "We Want to Live and Work in Montreuil / Solidarity Poster Printed by the struggling workers of the Darboy Printing Shop"

Condition: Good

Material: Paper

100-250 france french horizontal montreuil photograph political politics poster protest sepia size-17-x-23 vintage poster working class