Une Bonne Montre S'achete Chez L'Horloger ✓

France, 1977

36 x 50 in (91 x 127 cm)


"Une Bonne Montre S'achete Chez L'Horloger" is a french advertisment poster by Jean Desaleux. The poster was created with the intention that only a professional watchmaker can provide a good-quality timepiece.

The design features a hand holding a watch being inspected by the watchmaker. The image is set against a striking dark purple background, with the bold slogan "Une Bonne Montre S'achete Chez L'Horloger" ("A Good Watch Is Bought From the Watchmaker") printed at the top of the poster.

Artist - Jean Desaleux

Printer - Affiches Gallard Paris

Conditioned: Excellent

This poster is linen backed on canvas. Email us at postermuseum@gmail.com for more details.

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