Vasco de Gama Ode-Symphonie Poster

Belgium, c. 1880

24 x 45 in (61 x 114 cm)


Vintage Belgian poster for a charity concert performing Bizet's "ode-symphonie" Vasco de Gama. This blend of opera, symphony, and oratorio was a popular music format during the Romantic era, where historical and frequently eastern subject matter was explored in a poetic, dramatic manner. The ode-symphony's flair for drama is mirrored in the poster illustration, the female portrait on the left-hand side bursting with splendor.

"La Louvière Fête de Bienfaisance." (Charity Festival)

Artist: P. Quennoy

Year: c. 1880

Condition: Very good, please note band of discoloration in the middle of the poster

Please note the poster is linen-backed on canvas.

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