Vente de Charité Organisée au Profit de L'Hopital Bénévole No 26bis.

France - 1916

32 x 46 in (80 x 116 cm)



June 7 amd 8, 1916

From 2-7

3, Boudreau Street_Paris (Opéra)

Mairanna Buznet House

Charity Sale

Organized in favor of 

Bénévole Hospital Number 26bis at Saint-Ay (Loiret)

A raffle

of which the principal lots are owed to the generosity of our grand artists which will be drawn over the course of the sale

Every 5 franc ticket will be a winner

Works by: (list of artists) 

Over the course of the sale the following will be heard:

Wednesday:  Madame Marguerite Picard of the Opéra, Mlle Magdeleine Godard accompanied by Mme Debillemont, Mme Fernand Depas

Thursday:  Madame Delherbe, accompanied by Mlle Genuys, Madame Bredza

DP - 07/2019


1916 500-1000 artists c. 1910 charity sale FR France FR WWI french horizontal injuriy medium Original recovery size-31-5x45-5 soldier Steinlen vintage poster War world war one ww1 WWI

More from $500 to $1,000