Ville De Bruxelles Foire Poster ✓

Belgium, c. 1922

25 x 39 in (64 x 99 cm)


 "Ville de Bruxelles, 3e Foire Commerciale, Officielle Annuelle du 3 au 19 Avril 1922" 

The city of Brussels, 3rd Trade Fair, Official Annual from April 3 to 19, 1922 

This splendid poster shows a merchant displaying his linens to a crowd of interested customers. The colors of this print are exquisite when framed by the black background and stark-white writing. 

Artist: Toussaint

Printer: J.E. Goossens Bruxelles

Condition: Good some creasing 

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 


*Updated 2022

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