Monopol la Falce Poster

Italy, 1926

17 x 11 in (43 x 28 cm)


"Monopol la Falce / Preferita dai Contadini /Fabbriche di Falci Haueisen & Sohn"

Originally an Italian bookplate, this print features a specific kind of scythe, as seen in the illustration. The color plate is from a monograph on artist Ludwig Hohlwein's life and work, published in 1926.

Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein

Year: 1926

Condition: Good; please note the slight paper creases throughout page.

This poster is linen-backed on canvas. Email us at for more details.

250-500 advertisement bookplate c 1926 italian italy ludwig hohlwein monopol la falce original poster saw scythe size-17-x-11 tools vertical vintage vintage poster

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