Wenn man will Gambrinus ehren muss man einen Bempen Leeren poster ✓


22 x 27 in (56 x 69 cm)


Title: Wenn man will, Gambrinus ehren muss man einen Bempen leeren

Translation: "If you want to honor Gambrinus, you must empty a beer mug."

During that time, this playful poster effectively captures the lively and joyous atmosphere of beer culture.

Printer / Publisher: Druck u.Verlag v.C.Burckardt's Nachf., in Weissenburg (Elsass).

Year: c.1900

Condition: Excellent.

Please note this poster is linen-backed on canvas.

250-500 Beer King Gambrinus beverage Festive Drinking size-22x27 Vintage Beer poster