Zon en vreugde aan het Duitsche Strand Poster

Germany, c. 1935
40 x 25 in (102 x 64 cm)
ID #FF12B-N-40 PK2
"Zon en vreugde aan het Duitsche Strand" Sun and joy on German beaches

Dutch travel poster printed in Germany advertising the German coast. Werner von Axster Heudtlass was a German Impressionist and Modern artist from the early 1900s, he made many posters advertising Germany, this one in particular shows the sunny holiday you could have on the german coast. Seen is a beautiful seaside town in the distance behind a lush tree in the foreground.

Artist: Werner von Axster Heudtlass

Printer: Reichsbahnzentrale für den Deutschen Reiseverkehr. 

Condition: Good, small pieces missing form the bottom right corner and top left side.

Please note that this poster can be linen-backed on canvas for an additional charge. Email postermuseum@gmail.com for more information.

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