Stop the B-1 Bomber Poster

USA, 1980

27 x 18 in (69 x 46 cm)


"The B-1 Bomber will cost us Ninety-two Billion Dollars and Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs. / What's our most pressing problem these days? More jobs? New homes, a cleaner environment? Better health care or education? Or a new multi-billion dollar weapons system like the B-1 Bomber? Every time we spend money on unnecessary military hardware, we lose jobs and ignore critical human needs. A billion dollars spent by the Pentagon produces far fewer jobs than a billion dollars spent for just about anything else. The B-1 Bomber program will cost $92 billion over the next 30 years. That's hundreds of thousands of jobs down the drain. Let's start spending money on life, not death. Let's have jobs, not the B-1 Bomber! / Peace and Jobs / Stop the B-1 Bomber / American Friends Service Committee"

Image: A brown background with white text and a graphic design of a traditional bar chart. Red people that represent teachers, education, health, sanitation, welfare, housing, and B-1 Peak Production jobs serve as the bars of a bar chart.

Condition: Fair; please note scratching, tearing, and creasing of paper.

Material: Paper

100-250 air force american antiwar bomb peace political politics poster propaganda size-27-x-18 united states vintage poster war weaponry