Marais Chaussures Poster

France, 1935

28 x 20 in (71 x 51 cm)


"But...! est la nouvelle creation des chaussures du Marais qui vous mènera a la victoire " (Goal...! is the new creation of the Marais shoes that will lead you to victory) 

This bright yellow poster advertises a French brand of soccer (football) cleats. The funky design of this poster from the tilting type to the mix of fonts makes it all the more eye-catching. This is an original poster in the Art Deco style.

Artist: J. D. God Reuil

Year: 1935 

Condition: Excellent, minor dings along the borders, restoration in the title

Please note this poster is linen backed on canvas. We have a non-linen-backed poster available, please email for this version. 

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