Exposition de Charleroi Poster

France, 1911

34 x 42 in (86 x 107 cm)


"Exposition de Charleroi / Section Nationale / Electricité Mécanique en général, Agriculture, Horticulture, Arts / Section Provinciale / Enseignmenet, Edcation, Oeuvres sociales. / Section Regionale / Industrie, Commerce / Section Internationale / Industrie et Produits de l'Alimentation"

English translation: "Charleroi Exhibition / National Section / Mechanical Electricity in general, Agriculture, Horticulture, Arts / Provincial Section / Teaching, Education, Social Works. / Regional Section / Industry, Commerce / International Section / Industry and Food Products"

Printer: Benard, Ste Ame Liege

Condition: Fair; please note that this poster has heavy signs of handing, but imperfections have been improved by archival linen backing. Small tears and fold lines are still visible.

Material: Linen backed on acid-free canvas

All sizes are approximate.

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